About us...

What is L'Autre Oreille music studio?

A professional recording studio open to everyone, for all types of music and sound projects!

Address: 2 D Boulevard de Guyenne 57070 Metz


An idea born in 2014 in the former Vivest AL car parks and a new facility opened in March 2022 thanks to the support of ALinov Action Logement and Vivest AL.


1. A range of services for everyone :

It is a 200 m2 recording studio with PRM facilities, including a 70 m2 main recording room, a small 10 m2 recording and/or re-ampling room, a 27 m2 control room, a 30 m2 lounge and storage areas. At the entrance to the facility, a 60 m2 space called "Le Lab" is open to different types of artistic activity and offers access to a fully-equipped kitchen and sanitary facilities.

It's a hybrid facility that uses analogue equipment alongside digital and MAO equipment (see the Technical tab).

With artist-musicians and sound engineers Fabien Pilard and Julien Rosenberger at the helm, the facility benefits from the talent and expertise of 2 of the region's leading figures in studio production and recording. As well as working on their own creative and recording projects, Fabien and Julien prefer to work as a duo, as they have done at Studio L'Usine in Thionville until 2020. They contributed almost all of the technical equipment that was installed, giving this facility the capacity to be a professional studio open to anyone, for any musical project, whatever the style.


Fabien Pilard and Julien Rosenberger online:




Rates question : We felt it would be more appropriate for each artist or musical ensemble to contact the studio (via the form or via the contacts listed in the "Legal information" section of this site.

In fact, rather than displaying a variable price list, we think it's more appropriate to have a dialogue with each project owner to define the needs and specifications of the artistic project, which will enable us to draw up an estimate for the service. Don't worry, our motto is "transparency and low prices"!

2. A tool accessible to residents of Metz's QPVs :

Since 2012, the BAO association has produced several records and all kinds of free recordings in its home studio in Borny for talented residents of Metz's priority neighbourhoods (QPV), using funding from city policy players and foundations dedicated to this type of action.

Today, BAO is going one step further and opening a new professional and permanent facility in Borny: The L'Autre Oreille recording studio. Its aim is to support the sound and musical creation of hidden talents from Borny and sometimes from other disadvantaged areas of Metz, to showcase and support the dissemination of their creations, to include them in stage development programmes, to have them perform at the BAM, on other stages in Metz and elsewhere. In short, to instil a professional artistic dynamic in the development of musical projects open to all styles and all ages, in a spirit of social and cultural diversity and collaboration between professional musicians and enlightened amateurs, future professionals who deserve the recognition they deserve.

The L'Autre Oreille studio, which opened on 17 March 2022, is the missing piece that will help creative work from the QPVs of Metz to gain access to the BAM in particular. We believe that this approach will also make it easier for local residents to access the city's theatrical facilities, as they will feel a little more involved and taken into account thanks to the programming of local artists.

Some actions targeted by the studio team

L'Autre Oreille is proposing to carry out specific work in Metz's Priority Neighbourhoods (QPV), which offer both strong potential, particularly in Borny thanks to the presence of the Boite à Musique (the neighbourhood's SMAC), and a ferment of musical creation among young people and young adults in the neighbourhoods, but unfortunately have weaknesses on this very issue: insufficient support and guidance to develop artistic potential, lack of information about professional networks in the music sector, general lack of awareness of culture and the challenges of the music market.

The first action, launched in June 2022 in the form of a springboard, consists of a "Harvest of sounds from the QPV". A jury made up of a number of current music and world music players will listen to the material collected at the beginning of November. The prize is 3 days in the studio and an EP release! (See the application form in the info tab). Fill in the form, upload your sounds, files or video, and take your chance!

The Bouche à Oreille association in a nutshell:

Bouche à Oreille, or "BAO" to its friends, was founded in Metz in May 2005. Since its inception, Bouche à Oreille has developed a wide range of activities. From artistic workshops to the dissemination of artists and the design and organisation of original and alternative cultural events, the association favours multidisciplinarity, experimentation and, above all, the participation of local people as players in its achievements and contributors to the cultural identity of the city of Metz.

Based in the heart of the Metz-Borny district since 2011, BAO has been developing major three-year projects over the past 10 years with the residents of priority neighbourhoods, including the three-year "Ensemble Cour du Languedoc" project, followed by "Flânerie à Borny", which ran for three years and included a wide-ranging programme of artistic and cultural workshops, and three editions of the "Flânerie à Borny, les habitants font les spectacles" trail. From 2017 onwards, BAO will continue to expand its cultural activities and the creation of shows with the residents of 5 outlying districts, which it will visit with its project and lorry of the same name: "Tohu Bahut". (Borny, Patrotte, Hauts de Vallières, La Grange au Bois and Sablon Sud). Over the past ten years, BAO has been committed to identifying local talent, producing shows and records with them in small home studios in flats, and giving them access to stages in Metz's facilities and in the urban space: 34 performances by local residents during "Flânerie à Borny", "Zenouba" a theatrical show at BMK during the Passage festival and at the Opéra théâtre in 2015, the Bœuf sur le toit musical collective at BAM and Porte des Allemands from 2014 to 2017, Theatrical and musical photo novels "Story Bordes" in 2018 at the BAM and "Nord Est" in 2019 and 2020 at the BAM and Agora Metz Nord, two shows that each involved and performed by more than 90 residents from different districts. On 4 July 2021, it produced the major event "Bim Bam Boum Voilà l'été", 10 short shows inspired by the words of local residents and the "Légendes Urbaines" fanzines created with them, performed by ten Messinian companies inside the BAM, an event that included a large, festive and offbeat funfair in the park next to the facility.
In 10 years, 1,500 local residents have taken part in our activities, and over 10,000 spectators have seen our productions.


Reach across the region:

The new L'Autre Oreille facility is already eagerly awaited in terms of its impact on the Borny area and on Metz and its neighbourhoods in general. Already, projects from all over the Grand Est region and even further afield have registered there. It is also helping to structure musical creation that is still too embryonic and left to its own devices in Metz's inner suburbs. It is also helping to develop a more positive image of the priority neighbourhoods, and hopes to give local residents a greater say in the programming of concert events, in conjunction with the BAM in particular or other venues in Metz.